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Benvenuti al Tutti!

Welcome to Luigi's Tastes of Italy

This blog is my small dedication to Italian cooking, and is abolutely 100% free of pretentiousness, complicated ingredients, or any effort to present Italian cuisine as anything other than it really is, very simple.

Hope you enjoy reading my posts and maybe trying out some of the recipes.

Friday, 2 April 2010

A very kind gesture from Leslie...

I am quite lucky, my lovely blog visitors, not only all leave exceedingly kind comments, sometimes they also link back, and even occasionally bestow awards from time to time.

Sometimes I just issue a thank you, and link, without actually displaying the picture, but this time, since its almost springtime and it looks such a beautiful flower, I thought I would post it.

I must add at this point, I don't like to feel like I have imposed some kind of list of rules with a blog award, so when I later nominate some of my favourites, I won't even mention a reciprocating link back, etc etc.

I'm quite shy like that. lol.

However if you wish to pass it on to others, here are the Terms and conditions under which the very kind Leslie awarded me.

The Sunshine Award is given to bloggers whose positivity and creativity inspire others in the blog world. Here are the requirements:

    * Put the logo on your blog or within your post.  Pass the award on to as many as 12 bloggers.
    * Let the nominees know they have received this award by commenting on their blog
    * Share the love and link to the person from whom you received this award.
    * Link to the nominees within your post.

Being the "law-breaker" that I am, I will try to do my best to adhere to most of those :)

My Awardee's in NO particular order are;

1. Mari of Namesta - Because Mari is very determined in pursuing her goals, is very adorable, and has a heart of gold. My main reason for visiting often though is  because she always makes me laugh, cringe, and occasionally feel scared, when she posts pictures of her daily eats (Those roman beans scare me especially).

2. Charlene of Nolovesincerer - Because I adore her recipes, the fact she is in one of those organic veg box schemes and has stuck to it, and that she is growing some of her own vegetables this year.

3. Bridgett of La Bella Cook - Putting recipes aside for one moment, anyone who can make taking good pictures of food look easy, deserves an award. Oh, and of course her recipes are all amazingly executed and described too. I have bookmarked loads, to try.

4. Joanne of Eatswellwithothers - Great recipes, many of which I have tried. But I mainly visit very often, because of her very witty commentary, but definitely because she is the only person I know to be able to blog about disecting a corpse (cadaver) and cooking pasta in the same post. Wow.

5. Kim from Stirring the pot - Because she always amazes me with incredible creations, and educates me on the differences between biscuits, crackers, and cookies. All of which mean different things across the pond.

6. Tania from DulcisinFurno - Tania's blog is full of so many useful recipes, I could literally be there all day printing them. It is even more incredible that she posts these amazing recipes in English as well as Italian. She is very talented, and incredibly modest.

7. Erica from MyColombianRecipes - Because Colombian food is very new to me, very interesting, but mostly because the recipes I have tried have all been delicious and worked. I know it is sometimes difficult to correctly list the quantities or subtleties of the process, to those who are unfamiliar, but these all work beautifully.

8. Michaela from ilcricetogoloso - Because all of her recipes are things that I adore, and are written very clearly. If you don't speak Italian, you will find that they translate very well.

9. To anyone else I have ever commented, because I am always so very impressed with the skills of everyone in the blogosphere. There is always the next exciting blog to be discovered just around the corner.


Mari said...

I missed you big brother!!!! I am having Luigi withdrawals...I sit here shaking and uttering things in Italian lol.

How is your wife and the baby? Any new pictures to share with us???

Thanks so much for passing along the award to me and nope I was not talking about you on that open was for my ex who has made it a point to drive me cookoo in la cabesa ha

Oh did I mention that I miss you?! lol

Buona Pasqua a voi e la vostra famiglia

Joanne said...

Thank you Luigi for putting me on this list of such stellar bloggers. It really means a lot to me!

I second Mari...we want to hear about the baby! She must be so big already (babies triple their size within the first year!).

Charlene said...

Aww, thanks for nominating my blog! You're right, it is a nice award. I love reading your blog too!

natalia said...

Ciao Luigi ! Auguri !!!

Kat said...

Buona Pasqua, Luigi.

Kim said...

Congrats on your award and thanks so much for passing it on to me. It means a lot!

I hope you and your wife are enjoying your little sweetie:D

Velva said...

Congratulations to Luigi and all the great blogger mentions. Now, I have a few new blogs to check out.

Take a blog post and share with us your new family. That would be awesome.

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